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The goal of every business is to reach the right audience. They go about this by creating a unique brand that defines their values and qualities. But what happens when people fail to recognize this brand?

You must know that it is a brand presence that leads to brand awareness. And the more people become aware of your brand and can differentiate you from your competitors, the faster you climb the ladder of business success.

Your brand, however, exceeds your logo and other corporate designs. While it includes those, it is also how people perceive your business or the notion they have about it.

In this post, we shall discuss the different ways through which you can achieve an effective brand presence online.

What is an online brand presence?

It is the thoughtful act and process of establishing your brand in the lives of your target audience through online channels. Through brand presence, you become more visible and authoritative in your customers’ view.

How can you build a strong brand presence?

Grow a strong brand story

Among the first things you would want to do to establish yourself online is to create a coherent story behind your brand and business. Having a clearly defined mission, vision and values will help you build a compelling brand presence online.

To figure out your story, you can begin by asking yourself these questions:

  • What is the mission of my business?
  • How does it affect my customers?
  • What motivated me/us to start this business?

A unique brand story will enable you to define your business purpose and then connect with your actual audience.

Be attentive to your target audience

Your business targets a specific population, right?

There is no way your products or services will be suited for everyone at the same time. So there is a need to know who you want to reach.

To get to your customers, you must give them an ear. You should be able to understand their language, perceive their needs, and understand their concerns, preference, and lifestyle.

When you properly understand your target audience, you will be able to give them content in a way that will reflect who they are. It will also help you create a personal connection with your brand.

Be a guest

When you have understood your business purpose and known who your audience is, you can proceed to other steps like being a guest on different online platforms. It could do guest blogging or be a guest on a podcast.

But you should not be a guest anywhere. Rather, target platforms that will expose you to your target audience.

For instance, if you are running a food business, it will be ineffective to be a guest on a football analysis blog or podcast. Going for health and fitness or food blogs will be more effective.

Do you get the idea?

So, exposing your brand through being a guest is an effective method of growing your audience base and attracting more customers to your business.

Launch a podcast

Podcasting has become a strong way to capture the interest of people. Aside from being a guest on your industry’s podcast channel, you can launch your own.

It will be your medium of interviewing your industry experts and providing solutions to your target audience’s problems.

On the other hand, it will be an opportunity for your guests to promote themselves. So as they do that, there will be a compounding effect on the amount of audience you will get.

Start a blog

Blogging has become one of the most effective ways of content marketing. You can leverage blogging to boost your marketing campaigns.

According to Optinmonster, companies who blog get 97% more links to their websites than those which do not blog. Invariably, these links to your website serve as a positive vote for your brand.

However, blogging will expose your business through search engines. It will also help you build authority in your industry and establish trust and closeness between you and your customers.

Create quality contents

Starting a blog is not really what will help you establish a stronger brand on the internet. Creating quality content will.

Pushing out poor-quality content to your audience will rather drop the trust and authority your business may have acquired.

The competition in the online space is very high. So you must come prepared to displace others who may not be doing some things right. Produce quality contents that are helpful to your audience.

These contents must come in the best form that the information will be passed most appropriately. It could be videos, written copies, or audio content.

When your audience begins to find your content helpful, your authority grows and then your business.

Make effective use of ads

Quality contents improve your online presence, but boosting them for better reach can offer good support. You will achieve this support by making use of social media ads like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram ads.

These platforms help you reach a highly targeted audience. This means you can tweak the category and demography of the audience to whom your ads should be shown.

However, you are most likely to turn them to your followers and then customers, especially when you have created helpful content, service, and products to fulfill their needs.

Focus on branding; the conversion will come

There are two things you must differentiate each time you are undertaking an online campaign: are your branding or are you selling directly?

Sometimes, marketers become salesy or pushy when they hope to achieve branding. They promote display campaigns and judge their success from conversion rate and short-term return on investment (ROI).


To achieve a brand presence and awareness, you should rather consider a long-term effect and focus on building a close contact with your audience; let them feel you by themselves.

Being salesy can barely help you achieve that.

Be consistent

Building a successful brand presence online requires discipline and consistency. While you go on for a long time in the same style, you must also ensure that how you present yourself across different channels are the same.

Having a coherent corporate identity will pass a message of trust into your audience. Doubt, confusion, and mistrust will set-in when you keep changing from time to time and varying how you present your business to the public.

Having a strong corporate identity is a bonus for every business. It helps you scale your brand(s), influence the market, and in all, grow your business.

As an entrepreneur or a business owner, the question of corporate identity is not one to ponder upon and neglect, but one to delve deep into. But how will you go about it, especially when you have a superficial knowledge about the concept?

You do not need to worry. In this post, you will learn the simple ways to work on your corporate identity for the growth of your business. Read on if you must learn these simple techniques.

What is a corporate identity?

We can define this term as the sum of whom and what you represent in the market. It is the totality of your corporate designs, philosophy, and intrinsic values (not monetary) as a business and brand.

It is this “who are you are” that guides your strategic decisions like where to grow, how to organize your team, and where best to allocate your resources.

Moreover, you must distinguish this term from the brand identity. So, while corporate identity refers to the totality of your company’s philosophy and values, brand identity represents a particular product or service of your business.

Consider Unilever for instance. Unilever is an internationally recognized company that has so many brands to its name. Some of these brands include Close Up, Rexona, Lux, Knorr, Omo, and Sunlight.

The corporate identity here is Unilever, while the individual brands represent their respective identities.

However, we can summarize corporate identity with these lines:

  • The value proposition of your business
  • A system of peculiar capabilities
  • A portfolio of products and services that support your value proposition

How to work out a strong corporate brand identity for your business

1.     Reassess your position

Aside from having the leadership skill, you started your business for some other reasons, right?


So, must keep an eye on those reasons at all times in the course of doing your business. Once in a while, take your time to reflect and review those reasons.

You might also want to questions yourself:

  • What motivated me into this business?
  • What were my targets and driving force?
  • What plans did I make to succeed?

Answers to these questions will form a strong motivation in you to build your dream business.

In the same vein, also review the position you are in the market. Look at how you have affected the market generally, and your employees. What immediately comes to mind when people come across your brand?

These points will tell you either to keep working hard or to improve.

2.     Incorporate your team

The success of your corporate identity largely depends on your employees. They have both internal and external influences on the entire business. So, it is pertinent that every member of your team is aware of your corporate identity.

Ensure that they cultivate and observe the company’s values and philosophy, in all respects of the business: communication, design, dress code if it is involved, and so on.

The basic ways to nurture your business principles and values are:

  • Organizing workshops and training sessions
  • Rotating slide presentations among your employees

You must assign the role of training your staff to people who understand your business goals well.

3.     Find out what your competitors are doing

Building a successful corporate identity is a smart mix of the market rules and qualities that will make you unique in your industry. A good and quick way to grasp your industry’s trend is to look at what your competitors are doing.

Although the goal is not to copy your competitors; researching them and knowing their loopholes will help you strategize and win a portion of the market as well.

Also, look at what you will learn from what they are doing especially when the success-gap between the two of you is wide. The ideal point here is to expand your identity by applying and improving on the strategies of your big competitors.

4.     Be open to changes

Does the market exist for your business or does your business exist for the market?

Well, the points we understand is that they both exist for each other and have mutual influences. And since the market influences businesses, it would dictate to an extent how you would go about building your corporate identity.

Therefore, you should not hold your corporate identity too rigid; it is contemporary in such a way that it moves alongside trends and development. Always be ready to adapt to changes and improvements in the industry.

Your identity can only be sustained if it shares a similar beat with society, recent technology, and adoptions.

5.     Draw your future from now

If your entire plan is for “now”, you might be wasting your time. It will take your time and resources to build a strong corporate. Why not plan it in such a way as to fit into the future of your business?

As a matter of fact, it might be outdated before it even makes an impact on your target audience. So from now, envisage your dream business structure, where your business will be in years to come, and what new products or services you will introduce along the line.

A clear vision of these points will guide you to drive your entire identity along at the same time.

6.     Take social media seriously

Today, social media hosts a lot of audience and influence. As such, it is one of these areas you should not neglect as you build your corporate identity.

This is another area where your corporate design (logo, letterhead, colors, et cetera) comes in.

Get a Social Media Manager who understands your audience, the behavior, and the design of the platforms to handle this job.

A consistent effort in this direction will expose your business to a wide range of audiences, and with time become familiar with your business.

7.     Never stop improving your identity

Your business is a journey; the movement continues. At some point, you might think you have arrived, and while the reserve would be the case in some instances.

This points to the fact that you must not stop learning and improving. If you try it, your business may not see the light of the day again.

Invest time and resources into a branding strategy, corporate designing, and building different brand identities. Somehow, this surrounds our earlier point on growing with the society and the market.


To get things right it is your goal, right?

Then, do not be deceived that taking your business online is so easy, or that it is a bed of rose on which you can have all you want in your business.


As every step required in growing your business, going online comes with lots of challenges. But when you know these problems forehand, you will get prepared so that when they finally arrive, you will have loads of solutions to them.

We have carefully discussed in this post, the challenges of businesses when going online and how to win. You just have to read with good attention.

1.  Competition

When you go online, you will realize that your competitor-base is broader than what you might have assumed. Today, many businesses are online because of the strings of advantages attached to it and so the competition is high.

Therefore, you will be faced with the challenge of competing with brands that have long-established relationships with your target audience and occupied high places on search engine results.

Wading through the crowd to secure your position at the top will not come easy. However, you should not slack.

How to win

  • Enter with a unique style that can disrupt the system but maintain the market goals
  • Be original with your contents
  • Speak the language your target audience will understand easily
  • Invest in user-experience
  • Be consistent

2. Creating quality contents

For new businesses especially those with poor financing, creating quality content could be difficult or rather expensive. But if you must reach your business targets online, you would have no option to create something worthy.

A popular cliché “content is king” clearly summarizes the importance of paying attention to your written words, videos, and images. The quality of these contents will determine whether you will succeed or fail.

Google, for example, can punish severely by hiding you from your audience, if you infringe on someone else’s copyright. The trust you have your audience has for you can also drop if all you do is to publish copied contents online.

How to win

  • Understand the types of contents that works best for your audience
  • Employ professionals to handle the creation
  • Invest time and money in creating quality contents
  • Research and have a backlog of content ideas so that your consistency will not drop

3. Customer service

It is true that going online can help your business grow when you do the right things. But it is also true that it increases your responsibilities. Consider the fact that you have been exposed to a lot of customers and you will have to respond to their queries equally and in a quality manner.

If you fail this step, you are rather destroying your business. However, customer service can pose a huge challenge when businesses are going online, especially when you do not have enough hands to work with you.

How to win

The solution to this, we can say is not far-fetched. So will have to:

  • Build a good team around your business or simply employ social media managers.
  • Inculcate your corporate identity in your team so that they work in line with your business goals.

4.Retaining audience

On one side is building a credible audience and on the other side is growing and keeping the community. This sometimes is hard to do online because new competitors sprout every day with new strategies.

But in-between this line, what determines whether your audience will totally leave you is the quality of products or service and even contents you have thrown at them over time.

So as you plan to take your business online, you must begin now to strategize on ways you will make your audience stick with you.

How to win

  • Ensure you render quality products and services
  • If you can, reach out to your audience privately via SMS, email, or phone
  • Engage them on your social media handles
  • Treat them as your priority by offering quality customer service

5. Cybercrime

The internet is very vulnerable to attacks and different sorts of crimes. So if you are taking your business online, prepare to wage war against hackers and other terrors of the internet.

Your accounts can be hacked or hijacked. It could be your money is stolen or the reputation you have built over years rubbed in the mud. You can also lose your business data.

Anyone on the internet is prone to this and so you must take precautions.

How to win

  • Update your systems regularly
  • Pay attention to the security of your hardware too
  • Back-up and configure your data every now and then
  • Encrypt your data
  • Make your team of aware of the need to be security conscious
  • Perform regular risk assessment
  • Purchase cyber-security insurance

6.Gaining trust

Another challenge you will also have to pass through when running your business online is the pains of building trust. It is rather more difficult now to gain the trust of people via the internet, especially because of rampant internet fraud.

Since your potential customers do not know you on a personal basis, they will be afraid to do business with you. Except for a few who might trust you based on the need to try you out, others will choose their regular brands.

Since this has become the case, you must work to earn their trust. It comes from being true to the promises of your business.

How to win

  • Respect your customers’ time
  • Stay true to your promises
  • Deliver when no one expects you to
  • Be consistent
  • Be attentive to your clients

7.  Spotting mistakes

Yes, anyone can make mistakes. But what differentiates success from failure is the ability of success to identify what and where the mistakes are, and fix them.

If you are set for the internet, ensure you have the capacity to identify where your failures might come from. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to rise.

How to win

  • Work with real data and understand your customer’s demography and behavior.
  • Optimize your strategies with the results from your data

Starting a new business usually comes with a lot of challenges. One of the most formidable among these problems is financing.

Unfortunately, most business ideas do not see the light of the day because of poor financing.

Perhaps those behind these ideas are waiting to have all they need so that they can produce the best products, or offer the best services.

We get it; you do not want to compromise on the quality of your products or services.

It is why we at Business-In-A-Box Initiative (BIAB) has packaged this budget-friendly solution to help you get started as smooth as possible.

From business registration to branding, online presence, reputation management, awareness creation, we stay by you as a reliable business companion.

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Getting Your Business Registered with CAC: What You Need Know

Among the first steps you must take towards setting up your business in Nigeria is registering with Nigeria’s Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

This will not only establish your business as an eligible business, but will also help you secure your business name so that it will not be taken by your competitors.

Perhaps the story about this registration appears vague to you, do not worry because we have got you covered.

In this post, you will learn all you should know about getting your business registered with CAC.

What are the benefits of registering your business with the Corporate Affairs Commission?

Before we explore the registration procedures, let us throw more light on why you should take this subject seriously.

  • With your business certificate, you can open a corporate account for your business
  • You will enjoy the trust of your business partners since you are registered with the national authority.
  • As a registered business, you can easily acquire business loans and grants, unlike unregistered businesses.
  • You can enjoy the privileges of getting interns from NYSC or any other national internship program if you are a registered business.
  • It unblocks the barriers that could hold off investors in your business.
  • Acquiring a business visa to any country would not be a hitch.
  • Registering your business with CAC instills a sense of responsibility in you, and makes you more responsible to reach your business goals.
  • When you register your business as a Limited Liability Company, you will not be personally held responsible for any accident or loss of business. You will enjoy the legal
  • If you dream of starting a business that will flourish, even when you are not there, registering your business will help you achieve that.

Procedure to register your business with CAC

1.      Reserve your business name

Securing a unique business name is the first thing you would want to do. After you have carefully thought out a name for your business, promptly

  • Go to the CAC website and sign up.
  • Sign up by filling your details in the application form.
  • Click the “Register” button when you are done.
  • Verify your email from the link that will be forwarded to your registration email.
  • After verification, login to your account using the details you opened the account with (email and password)
  • When you’re logged in, click on the “Name Reservation” button and choose “New Name Reservation”
  • On the next page, choose the type of company whose name you want to register.
  • Enter your first choice of name in the “Option 1” field, and your second choice of name in the “Option 2”.
  • Save and continue until you complete the entire form.
  • Proceed to pay a Name Reservation fee of N500, when you’ve confirmed that the details you entered are correct.

It will take some time before your name will be approved. So, be patient while you wait.

But when it has been finally approved, copy out your “Availability Code” because you will need it later on.

Take Note!

  • The registration procedure of a private company differs from that of a public limited company. So, be sure of the type of business your own is before you choose.
  • We advise that you enter a second name so that if the first is rejected due to some reasons, you can settle for the second one.

Why CAC would reject your business name

Your proposed name would be rejected by CAC if:

  • It is identical with an already one, or it already exists
  • It has unacceptable terms like National, Government, Federal, Holdings, and some others.
  • The name is capable of misleading the public, in respect to the context of the business.
  • It will violate the trademark of already existing businesses, except there is consent from them.

2. Complete the pre-registration form

When you have reserved your business name, your next step would be to fill the form CAC-BNo1, otherwise called the pre-registration form.

  • Log in to your account
  • On the menu, click “Name Reservation” and choose Name Reservation from the sub-menu.
  • Select the name you just registered.
  • On the menu, click the “Company Registration” button. Select “New Registration” on the sub-menu
  • Fill your business details with the required fields.
  • Add directors, shareholders, and fellow business owners if your business has such. Click continue when you have added all.
  • Complete form by choosing your CAC branch and how many copies of the Memorandum of Articles of Association (MOA) and Application for registration your business needs.

3. Pay the filing fee

After verifying the details you have entered, proceed to make application payment with Remita.

  • Click “proceed to payment”
  • You will be taken to the Remita page. Generate your RRR code.
  • You can pay at any bank in Nigeria with your RRR code. Or,
  • You can pay with your debit card. Simply enter your card details in the required fields.
  • Pay the required sum.

Your payment receipt will be automatically generated. Login to your profile to see your receipt.

Note: The amount you will pay for registration and MOA varies across different types of businesses. Nonetheless, it ranges from N20,000 to N30,000.

On another hand, before you can access your application form and Memorandum of Articles of Association, you will pay stamp duty charges to the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS).

Since every member of your business board (if you have such) requires the copies of the documents, the fees will be generated individually.

So, the more you are the more you pay. To pay this fee,

  • Click the “Stamp duty assessment” button, just by the side of your business name.
  • Generate your RRR code and proceed to pay in the bank, or with your debit card.
  • If you are using your card, repeat the payment process as in the other to complete the payment.

4. Download your application documents

After your stand duty payment has been confirmed and electronic stamping is done on the documents, they will be ready for you to download.

To download, click on the “Document’s” button and it will be downloaded on your computer.

The documents you will download are:

  • Memorandum of Articles of Association
  • Application for Registration

After this, your business registration with CAC is considered complete.

We can do all the heavy-lifting for you while you focus on the most important thing-scaling your business.

Online Presence: Why Your Business Should be Active Online?

Businesses are going digital more than ever. They are becoming more active online, such that anyone who disregards it might be heading to failure.

It does not matter if your business is yet new, aged, small, or large scale; going online is paramount.

This is not a threat but something already established by studies. According to Internetworldstats, there are over 4, 574, 150, 134 internet users. Wpforms reports that 71% of these people believe they will get better business deals online.

These points including the ones stated in the list of business statistics by Fundera prove the point that you should take your business online for growth, to maximize profits.

What does an active online presence mean?

When we say that your business should be active online, we mean it should be optimized for the internet and its users.

This would involve having a business website, active and engaging social media handles, and every other channel captured under the internet.

It goes further than just acquiring them. Managing them properly for the growth of your business is where the pain and gain lie.

Importance of taking your business online

1.     It exposes you to a wider audience

There is no limit to the audience you can have through the internet. Unlike any other means, getting your business will literally expose you to billions of internet users.

Through search engine optimization, you can take advantage of about 5.8 billion daily search queries on Google, by providing good answers.

Leveraging the reach of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram would go further to broaden your audience base.

As captured by Statista, there is no age range you will not find via the internet. So, it doesn’t matter what your target demographic is. You can always have what you want.

2.   It builds your brand awareness

Your website and social handles send a lot of signals to your customers and potential clients. What if you tweak it to your advantage?

Putting your business out there educates people about your values, interests, and how it is important to them. With a consistent flow of your content, their trust deepens for your brand.

With a broad base of the audience as pointed in the first point above, there is no limit to whom your brand can get to.

Meanwhile, you can achieve a level of brand awareness offline. But taking it online as well would help you achieve more results since the world is steadfastly falling to digital marketing.

3.   It helps to attract customers

Billions of people depend on search engines for answers to their questions. They go further to find out product and services recommendations and reviews.

Therefore, if your business must grow, it is pertinent that you position it to be captured as the answers to people’s queries.

Creating and optimizing your products and service descriptions, as well as blogging are ways you can feature your business so that your potential customers will find you.

However, it is only through your online channels that you can enjoy the privileges of the internet. Aside from that, you may keep dwelling on the low returns of the offline campaigns.

4.   It helps you to build and maintain a good customer relationship

Before most people can do business with you, they must have found out that you have a strong online reputation and relationship.

TrustPilot reports that 89% of customers would look at previous reviews and the relationship you have with your previous customers before they would purchase your product or services.

So, the easiest way to take advantage of this corner is to build a strong relationship and trust with your customers and lovers.

To achieve this, you need to consistently give out free (sometimes), helpful and engaging content. Also, ensure that your products and services are in their best quality.

With this, you can win the heart and love of your potential business partners.

5.    It helps you understand your business more

Since many businesses have understood the importance of building a strong online presence, competition has risen to a great height. Nonetheless, this is an advantage for you.

When your business is active online, it helps you understand what works and what does not. The competition will also place you on your toes so that you can upgrade your business game every now and then.

If you decide to play outside this competition, it will take you nothing to fail. You will be left out of trends and business flows.

To stay in fashion with your business, you must take the bold step of going out there to fight for your place.

6.   It makes marketing easier

The internet has simplified almost everything including marketing. It is so strong that your campaigns can reach any part of the world, as you desire.

You can tap into this goldmine if your business is only existing offline. Perhaps you decide to run ads, you definitely need an online funnel that will trickle down the leads into your business.

Websites and social handles would help you do this without involving a throat-slitting cost. With simple clicks, you can achieve success far above that which you achieve via offline marketing.

It is even an edge for you if you run a local business because your competitors will be shielded away from huge online sources; except they are doing the same thing as you.

7.    It improves customer service and support

When you finally get customers, you need a steady flow of support to keep them with your products or services.

If you have a national or international reach, we do not think you can achieve good success with offline support.

The internet makes it easy for your customers to reach you via emails and on-page chats whenever they need help. Those searching for your business phone number can also get it on your website contact page.

Humans are naturally scared away by difficulties. So when you make it more difficult for your customers to communicate with you, then you are on the verge of failure.

8.   It helps you build a worthy team for your business

The backbone of any successful business is a team of worthy talents. Exposing your business via the internet creates an avenue for you to meet and recruit talented individuals.

A strong online presence brews your business trust and makes it tasty for anyone to be interested.

With these points, you do not have any reason for not taking your business online, or improving and maintaining your current online vigor.

How to brand a business

Branding is an important exercise for every business. It does not matter if it is a small, large, or retail business.

As far as you want to stay alive in the highly competitive market of today, you must speak a consistent business language and affect your reach evenly at all times.

Perhaps the idea of branding has been vague to you, and you do not know how to affect it in your business, this post is for you.

Here, you will learn the simple principles of branding your business.

What is branding?

We can simply put that your brand is a way customers define your products and services. It is the perception of people about your business.

However, branding is a way of building these features that create the trusted perception people have about your business.

It is far above your logo or company colors. While it involves those, it also stretches into the unique qualities of your products or services, and your core values, maintained over a long time.

8 Effective Ways to build your business brand

1.  Define your brand purpose

To be successful in building your business brand, you must first define your purpose and values. That way, you will be able to know exactly what you stand for and be more responsible for them.

You can begin by asking yourself these four questions:

Why this business?

What problems do I intend to solve with it?

What differentiates it from other businesses?

Why should people be concerned about my business?

An informed answer to these four questions will enable you to discover the purpose and core values of your business.

With business’s values defined properly, your employees will work towards it while it gives both your customers and employees a sense of security.

2.  Be sure who you are targeting

A good understanding of your target audience is a strong step towards building a successful brand.

Your business targets specific people right?

Yes. So you must keep in mind the exact people you hope to sell to.

How do these people behave?

What sort of lifestyle do they lead?

These are some of the questions that will help you understand your target audience more.

The truth is, your brand will only succeed if you know what your customers feel, how they think, and their priorities.

Using a buyer persona, you can define who your ideal customer is, and with that streamline your branding efforts towards their interests.



Education level



You might also go as far as finding out what or who influences such a group of people the most.

3.  Use a memorable logo and tagline

The first thing that usually comes to mind each time the term “branding” is mentioned is visual impacts. The logo, tagline, and color.

Yes. Having a recognizable logo and simple tagline is one of the ways you can build your brand for long-term success.

To get something good and unique, you should invest time and money and hire a talented designer.

The visual artist will therefore create a worthy logo, good enough to represent your visual identity. This logo would appear on anything that represents your brand.

You would also have a brand-style guide that would help you ensure visual consistency. This guide should include:

Typography and font

Colour pallets

Logo size and placement

Image style

4.  Have a consistent brand voice

Having a consistent brand voice is a way to establish your identity with your customers. By brand voice, we mean the type of language with which you communicate with your customers.

How do you sound when speaking to them?

You could choose to sound









There is a long list of words that could define your voice. But the point is this: your brand voice should be one that resonates with your audience.

This points back to understanding who your target audience is. Knowing them well also means knowing the language they flow with.

Maintaining this voice as you grow establishes you within the heart of your audience.

5.  Always go for quality

The easiest way to fail is to promote bad products or services. The more people test such products or services, the faster they get away from it. This is also how fast they would advise people against it.

That is not what your brand should stand for. Hence you wouldn’t want to drive your business down by offering low-quality products or services.

Your priority, however, should be to provide the best quality. Employ capable human resources who understands and believes in your values to work with you.

So, to build a brand that will have a mark in the market, you must invest in quality. You shouldn’t compromise it for whatever alternatives.

6.  Find out what your competitors are doing

The point here is not to copy your competitors. If your business must succeed, you should NEVER copy your competitors.

You would want your brand to stand out, don’t you?

The goal is to tap into the areas they are lagging. To win the competition from their weakest points.

Find out such information like what inspired their brand name, their responsiveness online and offline, the user-experience of their different channels.

The quality of their products and services, customers’ reviews, and what makes them stand out.

This brand-building process is what you shouldn’t disregard. It will offer you lots of ideas to enable you to compete with even the “giant” brands.

7.  Let all you do speak your brand

At any point in this process, you must never fail to acknowledge your brand identity on everything you do.

Both in written and visual communications, your brand must be visible. It is not silly of you to stamp your logo on your equipment, business cards, and even stationery.

Your social handles, website, and every other digital channel should bear the same identity, in voice and visuals.

It should be visible enough such that anyone who enters your office or workplace would recognize your identity.

The little things you might consider trivial are what actually build-up to become great impressions.

8.  Be consistent

Consistency is a golden rule for any form of success. Therefore it does not differ in terms of establishing your business brand.

Of course, no one would want to be an associate of an ever-fluctuating brand. If you keep changing your brand, customers would get confused, then shy away

You must maintain your voice, visual identity, core values, and quality for as long as your business exists.

Nevertheless, you might sometimes want to change your brand to something more effective.

At such points, ensure you do not vary it so much, except you are ready to start building a new brand scratch.

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The ultimate goal of BUSINESS IN A BOX is to help 1 million businesses in the next 5 years become more profitable, and through the multiplier effect, drastically reduce the evil of unemployment and by extension insecurity in the country.

As they say, doing business without creative advertising is like winking in the dark, you know what you are doing (winking), but nobody else does. Business in a box is the eyes, through which the world sees you, and what they see, is always amazing with Business in a Box!

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